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Plastic Outlet Covers (30)
Plastic Outlet Covers (30)
Plastic Outlet Covers (30)

Plastic Outlet Covers (30)

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Standard home outlets are capable of causing painful, permanent, and even fatal damage to a person, depending on the environment, how the shock is received and the condition of the person. For a small child, a small shock could be seriously hazardous.

Remove the threat of electric shock in your home by covering your exposed outlets with simple and inexpensive outlet covers. The covers plug the outlet and cover both openings, completely preventing any risk of a child touching or inserting something into the covered outlet.

  • Each set contains 30 plastic outlet covers
  • Plastic won’t conduct electricity and is safe for your child to touch
  • To remove, insert fingernail or another tool into notch and pull away from wall socket
  • Requires adult operation to remove
  • Lays flush with wall cover

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